Field of application
The side-channel pumps are self-priming and operate more economically (better efficiency) than normal centrifugal pumps, when handling low flows and high heads. Due to these facts, the side-channel pumps are appropriate to solve many pumping problems in industrial processes. They can be used for almost all liquids which are free of any abrasive solids and of suitable viscosity. The vertical side-channel pumps are suitable especially for tank farms with underground storage tanks with a diameter of max. 2,5 m (8.2 ft). The construction of the pumps enables an installation directly on the dome cover. That means, suction lift is only slightly above the tank diameter and the priming pipe can be kept short. For handling toxic, explosive and other dangerous liquids in chemical and petrochemical industries, a sealless pump design with permanent magnetic coupling - without shaft duct to the atmosphere - is also available. Since the static containment shell forms a closed system with hermetically sealed liquid end, an operation with zero leakage is granted. These pumps are maintenance free because no shaft sealing is provided.
Unit of Measure


N/A 1450 or 1750 rpm

N/A SMV-Pumps:
All common standard motors of design V1 can be installed. Enclosure according to the plant requirements. Speed 1450 or 1750 mirv1.

N/A Magnet coupling - SMV-Pumps
The single elements of the multipolar synchronous magnetic coupling are manufactured of permanent magnet material "Cobalt-Samarium Rare Earth". Power is transmitted to the hermetically sealed liquid end by a bank of external magnets, magnetically coupled through the containment shell to a bank of internal magnets. The inner magnet rotor transmits the required torque direct to the impeller. The liquid is hermetically sealed against the atmosphere by the static containment shell, no shaft sealing is required.

N/A Construction
The WPV / SMV-types are single stage, close-coupled, self-priming Inline pumps. The opposite located suction and discharge flanges have identical nominal sizes and pressure ratings. The pumps consist of the socket, the suction and pressure disk, the bearing housing and the impeller. The WPV-bearing housing holds the mechanical seal and the SMV-housing the sleeve bearings.

The pump impeller is a side-channel impeller and located on the shaft in overhung position. The impeller is axially movable and hydraulically balanced. Therefore, no hydraulic loads stress the motor bearings. The torque is transmitted to the impeller by a key.

Overflow valve
Side-channel pumps generate - compared to normal centrifugal pumps - a steep head rise and an increased power consumption with lower flows. To protect pipes on the pressure side and to avoid overloading of the motor under throttled conditions, WPV-pumps can additionally be equipped with an overflow valve.

N/A Materials
Following standard materials are provided:

Bearing housing: GG25 (PN6), GGG40.3 (PN16), 1.4408
Socket, Suction and pressure disk: GGG40.3,1.4408
Impellers: Ms, G-SnBz, 1.4457
Shaft extension: St, 1.4571
Pump shaft: 1.4571/coated (SMV)
Start-up ring: 1.4462/Carbon (SMV)
Radial bearing: Silicon Carbide (SMV)
Mechanical seal "N1": Metal bellows Tombac, faces carbon/Cr-steel
Mechanical seal "N3": Metal bellows 1.4571, faces carbon/SiC
Containment shell: 1.4571, Hastelloy C
Overflow valve: Ms, 1.4571