• Side-channel Pumps Type SCM

    The DICKOW-pump, type SCM, is a one or multistage, self-priming horizontal side-channel pump with magnet coupling. The side-channel pump with its high differential head has the advantage of operating more economically than normal centrifugal pumps applied for low capacity and high heads. Due to these facts, the side-channel pumps are appropriate to solve many pumping problems in the chemical and petrochemical process. The SCM-pump is a heavy duty unit for handling clean pumpage without solids. Sealless magnetic driven pumps are designed to improve plant's and personnel safety, especially when handling toxic, explosive or other dangerous liquids which react on contact with the atmosphere. For all such services, the static shroud replaces double acting mechanical seals, along with external fluid reservoirs or barrier fluid circulating systems. Due to the fact that 90% of pump failures and required service base on leaking mechanical seals, the sealless design will save maintenance and spare parts costs remarkably. Considerable are the total cost savings of ownership.