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The DICKOW®-Inline-Pumps, series NCV / NCVL, have been developed for the chemical, petrochemical and related industries.

Since the pumps are installed inline, only a minimum of space is required and therefore, these pumps are suitable for package units. No time-consuming alignment of couplings is required. Ball bearing failures through inadequate alignment are excluded.

With a wide selection of materials and shaft sealing systems, the NCV-pumps are suitable for handling nearly all kinds of liquids used in the above mentioned industries.
For example: acids, lyes, hydrocarbons, hot water up to 234 ºC (455 ºF), hot oil up to 350 ºC (660 ºF), cooling fluids, solvents etc.
NCV/NCVL Inline Centrifugal Pumps
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NCV N/A NCV Inline Centrifugal Pump N/A NCV N/A ISO 9001
NCVL N/A NCVL Inline Centrifugal Pump N/A NCVL N/A ISO 9001
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